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2016-07-12 09:32 pm
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body horror game sign-ups

This is where you drop me a line about what horrible effects you want in this weekend's parasites game.

Fill this form out:

Do: Body-horror-ish things you particular want to play (e.g. "I want to explore how my character feels when he loses a limb" or "impalement is nice" or whatever)
Don't: Stuff that you want to avoid, e.g. "no needles please"
Personal stuff: Specific associations, fears, or memories your character has that you'd to influence their personalized body horror here.
OOC contact: Some way I can get in touch with you if I need to clarify something.

Put your character name and their team in the subject and the rest of this in the body of the comment:

Signup is due by 12pm PST on Saturday the 16th. You can sign up multiple characters, just make sure you indicate clearly which ones are which.